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Affiliate Marketing How-To Page 2

On the previous page we covered some of the terms used in regard to affiliate marketing, how it is an ad
The Super Affiliate Handbook
vantage to merchants trying to move their products, and the advantages of such programs to the affiliate marketer, as well as where to find these programs.

How your sales as an affiliate are credited to you

When you sign up as an affiliate, you are assigned a specific id which will be included in any of your affiliate links. This id identifies you as the affiliate marketer who has made the sale. 

It is important to keep track of your affiliate id, and your user name and passwords for any programs. You may also want to use tracking links and perhaps a cloaking device to protect your links. The tracking will help you to know how effective your marketing or advertising methods are, and cloaking will protect your affiliate links from hijackers.

How an affiliate marketer is compensated for sales

Affiliate sales can be compensated in a number of ways. Many programs will pay you a percentage of the selling price. Clickbank is a favored program, because the percentage paid to affiliates is usually 50% or more. This is because the production and delivery costs for digital products is small as compared to physical products. Many physical products also pay a percentage, but it is much smaller than that of digital products.

Pay-per sale can either be a percentage, or a fixed dollar amount for each sale.

Pay-per lead pays a fixed amount when the customer completes a required action, such as filling out and submitting a form.

Pay-per click pays when a customer clicks on your link and goes to the assigned site.

One time or recurring affiliate sale

Many sales will pay only one time, for a one time purchase. Some affiliate programs will pay when a customer follows your link, but buys another product that is offered at the destination site.

There are also affiliate programs that pay commissions on recurring sales. These would be such things as membership sites, or services such as web hosting that charge on a recurring basis. It is good if an affiliate marketer can have a variety of these programs in their arsenal.

How often and at what level an affiliate marketer is paid

As an affiliate marketer you should examine how often and at what level of sales you are paid. There is usually a minimum that needs to be met in affiliate marketing before payment is released. Read the agreement. Rather than go for the minimum, it is sometimes better to set the payment level higher. Many networks charge to cut a check. If they charge $2 to release each check, it is better to set the payout level higher.

There is much to know if you are to be successful in affiliate marketing. There is no way to do the subject justice here. Rosalind Gardner makes close to a half million a year in affiliate marketing and offers 260 pages of advice, tips and know-how from the standpoint of someone who walks the walk. One section of her book is centered on organization for an affiliate marketer. Keeping good records will prevent you from getting buried, help you assess what is working and what is not, and help you make the best use of your valuable time. If affiliate marketing is of interest to you learn from someone who knows and practices the best methods for affiliate marketing.

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