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Article Submission

Get one way links and traffic using articles

 Article submission is a great way to get your website noticed and get incoming links or backlinks to your website. There are many benefits to article submission.

What do I mean by article submission? Let me explain. Writing articles that are related to the topic of your website and submitting them to ezines, article banks and other websites is the short explanation.

Many ezine publishers are looking for free well-written content for their newsletters to take the pressure off and save time in producing their newsletter. Other webmasters are looking for good related content for their websites and blogs either in the building process, or to continually be adding content. This is where you come in.

You can submit your article either to ezines that are looking for content or to article banks. There are many other places that I won't go into now. Just know that there are other ways to circulate your articles.

So how does this help you? If you submit your article to an article bank and it is picked up by other webmasters or ezine writers and re-published on a website or in an ezine it could bring you traffic and incoming links. When you write an article you include a resource box at the bottom with some information about yourself or your website (written in 3rd person) and include a link to your website and/or newsletter. The rules require that your article not be altered, and that your resource box be left intact when they are published on other sites.

So what happens when your article is re-published on another website with your links is that the search engines find these and follow them to your website. Cool huh? Wherever your article is published, people can click on your link and guess what? Traffic! Submitting articles on a regular basis will increase your incoming links which Google considers a vote for your website. The more votes your website gets, the more likely it will be a winner.

Another thing to consider about getting traffic from article submission is this. Those who have read your article and followed your link did so because you had something that interested them and they are warmed up before they reach your website.

Article Submission Free or Automated

Article submission can be free, or it can be automated. You can write the articles yourself for free or you can even pay to have them written. You've spent some time creating your website so you should be familiar with your subject and able to write a few articles at no cost. But if you feel you can't or just don't want to you can have articles written for you, or you can buy PLR atricles. Wherever you get articles with private label rights, always look them over before submitting. And, if you use PLR articles, rewrite them in your own words. An even better idea is to both re-write them, and then add a couple of small paragraphs you create yourself.

I find some value in PLR, using them as a seed article when I am stumped, and can't seem to get started. They do need to be embellished because in most cases they are very thin. Articles need to have some substance. And they do need to be rewritten.

Free Article Submission

If your budget is tight you can write all your own articles and hand submit them to the article directories yourself. It does take more time, but it still works. You should visit some of these article banks anyway just to get a good fix on how this works and see examples of articles. Read their submission rules.

I firmly believe that EzineArticles is the best place to submit articles. I have tested, and find that I always get good results with their service which is free.

You can submit your articles for free at a lot of article banks. This is good when you are starting on a shoestring. Here is a list of some of the top directories with good pagerank and they score well on Alexa.

Ezinearticles Buzzle Articlealley  ArticleDashboard
Articlebase Searchwarp  GoArticles ArticleCity

You should have researched and developed a good list of keywords before you built your site. These are what you will build your articles around. If you are submitting where the guidelines allow you to put anchor text within the flow of your article, this is the best. Do make sure that your anchor text makes sense in the flow of what you are writing. And decide where you want these links to point.

Ideally your keyword will match, or closely match the title of the page it is linking to. This gives more link juice.

Most article directories don't allow anchor text within your article, but instead have you add a bio box. These can be written in variations depending on what you are promoting. Change the wording each time you submit an article, and change the anchor text. If you use "bass fishing tackle" one time change it to "bass fishing supplies"  the next time. Just find other keywords that convey the same idea. Changing the anchor text will make the backlinks look more natural to the search engines.

Spend some time at Ezinearticles. Read articles to see how others are writing. Study the bio boxes to see the various ways they are written.


This page is already extremely long, but the bio box or resource box in your article is the vehicle you use to get the most advantage from your articles. On Article Submission Page 2 you will find more information on how to actually write a resource box, including the html.

Automated Article Submission

At some point, you will want to use some of your business budget to automate the submission process. This will ramp up your ability to get many more backlinks, and much faster. I have tried a number of services over time, and have found two that work extremely well.

Unique Article Wizard will take your article, and through their system create unique copies that they then submit to hundreds of article directories and niche blogs. You can also feed articles in and designate a date to publish and have them drip out over time. these unique copies are far better than one copy you submit to a directory that gets reprinted over and over.

You set how many submissions you want each day so it can be submitted to all directories at once or just a few at a time over several days, it's your choice. If you have a blog you can also have a copy of your article sent directly to your blog and posted.

My Article Network is somewhat similar, but submits only to blogs in their network. These blogs have all signed up requesting articles either be sent to an email for their approval before posting, or sent directly to their blog and posted automatically. Their network has more than 10,000 blogs.

You can submit your own blogs and receive content from other writers, or you can submit articles and have articles sent to your blog or email as well as copies sent to many other blogs.

This service allows anchor text within the content of the article. This is a nice feature if you are having them send you content for your blog. Your readers don't know the article was written by someone else. You determine how many articles you want sent to you each day. This is great if you don't want to always have to update your blog yourself, or if you want to receive some copy with a fresh point of view.

This system has two different methods for creating unique content from one article, and all articles that are sent out become unique content as opposed to duplicate content. And blogs are good from an SEO standpoint, because the search engines love them. This is good for you. Your article submission will place articles on various blogs. Many many links from different ip's.


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