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Domain Name and Web Hosting

Your own Domain Name is  Essential

Having your own domain name is essential if you are serious about doing business on the internet.  This is what identifies your business.  It only makes sense.  In the offline business world, a storefront puts up a sign with the name of the business to help identify it and designate whether it is an auto supply, a beauty shop an electronics store or whatever.  Not only can this be a clue as to the type of business it is, but which specific auto store or which specific electronics store among all the competition.  The same is true for a domain name.  It identifies your web site.

Choosing a domain name requires a bit of thought.  A dot com is the best choice, because when we think of the internet we naturally think in terms of dot com.  If the rest of your domain name is memorable, you don't want to miss traffic by having dot net or dot biz typed in.

Something else to think about is trying to keep your domain name as short as possible, and certainly working the main keyword into your domain name can't hurt.  If your website is about fishing, having fishing appear in the domain name could certainly be a plus  Or if it were about antiques, the word antiques could be worked in, etc.  You get the idea.  This will probably take some thought, and you may have to try different combinations until you find a name that is not taken.

There are many theories about creating domain names.  Certainly there are very successful web sites that have names that are short and don't relate to anything specific.  Google, yahoo, and ebay are a few examples. 

Some folks suggest starting your domain name with a number.  The thought is that it will get you better placement in the search engines.  Others suggest putting hyphens between the words.  This may be a good idea if the domain name makes more sense when read that way, or if the name without hyphens is already taken.  Adding hyphens would make it a different name and possibly available.  There is also a theory that adding hyphens makes each word a keyword in it's own right to the search engines.

Read some articles on choosing domain names and get a variety of opinions before you decide.  Domain names are registered for a minimum of one year.  You can get a domain name through Namecheap for less than ten dollars. You can pay more, but I don't know why you would want to. They also offer hosting.  Most internet marketers seem to be in agreement that having web hosting and domain names through the same service is not a good idea although the prices are tempting. If you ever need to move your website it is more difficult. If you got your domain name through Namecheap you might want to go elsewhere for a web hosting.

One caution about domain names and renewal: Keep good records, and be aware of your renewal date. Renew ahead of time rather than wait until the last minute. If you have worked hard to build your business you don't want to risk losing the name.

If you are set up for automatic renewal with a credit card be aware of when the credit card expires. As soon as you receive your new card and authorize it, go immediately to your registrar and update your credit card information with the new expiration date. I had the experiece of losing a domain name because I was not aware of this.

My card expired and I received the new one, but never thought about this being a problem. This domain name is now being offered online for a very tidy sum. A hard lesson.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Choosing a web hosting service  also needs some thoughtful consideration. This is a place where it is better to pay and get a reliable web host.  Most web sites need the services of autoresponders, and adtracking is a must.  If your web host offers these in your package, that will relieve you of expenses elsewhere.  Consider what your marketing plan is and what it's needs will be in services, and then shop for a web hosting service.

Bluehost  is a very reliable web hosting service. They host unlimited domains, unlimited file trnsfer, are blog friendly, maximum uptime, cPanel, email accounts, PHP5, and a wide range of features for a very affordable price. Be sure the web host you select for a blog offers PHP5. You will need this capability for a successful blog. 

Another very good web hosting service is HostGator  They offer all the features you need, a variety of plans at affordable prices, cPanel, templates, a SiteBuilder, a 45 day money back guarantee, great support, and they are blog friendly.

A good web host offers good customer service and usually a variety of other services in their package.  Each business has different needs.  I have not listed every service that these web hosts offer, it is best if you check them and see how they fit into your specific needs.

Your domain name and web hosting service are two very serious elements of your business.  The domain name is like the sign out front telling the world who you are.  The web hosting service is like the building that an offline store resides in.  The web hosting service gives your business a place to reside on the internet.

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