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Keyword Suggestion Tools

Keyword suggestion tools are among the most important tools you can use if you are going to market on the internet.
Using keyword suggestion tools should be the base where any marketing effort is investigated to see if it has any promise for success

Keyword suggestion tools are the place to start with a business idea to see if there is a market that is interested.  There is no point in trying to market something that nobody wants.

You can start with free tools.  This is the place to get a feel for the demand for whatever product you have decided to market.  Actually, to backtrack a little, I would say you should not decide anything until you have used keyword suggestion tools to do the research.  Until you have the results they should remain ideas or possibilities.

So what are keywords?  Keywords can be one word if it is specific enough, but often keywords are phrases.  If you were looking for a computer, you might go to one of the search engines and type in computer.  Computer would be your keyword for your search.  More than likely though you would use more than just computer to give you a better search.

Here's what I mean.  I just did a search for the keyword walker.   Now, if I had a hip disorder or another mobility related problem and I needed a walker it would be wise to further define the word.  Otherwise I might get information for Johnny walker, Tennessee walker, or even Walker Texas Ranger.  So a better keyword would be medical walkers or walkers for mobility, etc. 

When you are doing keyword research, you need to think like the consumer or searcher.  This is sometimes pretty interesting as you will note as you start doing keyword searches. The combinations of words, and even sometimes the order can be pretty unique.  Then there's spelling.

While you are doing keyword research, note the words and phrases that people doing searches actually use. This can tell you a lot about what people are looking for in a product and may alter how you market it, as well as the terms you focus on. What we may think of as good search terms may not be how the item is being searched for by the market.

Hopefully by now you have some ideas for what to market and a good sized keyword list to get started with.  Two free keyword tools are Keyword Country and the Keyword Discovery tool.  Good Keywords can be downloaded.  The Keyword discovery tool url can be filed in your favorites. 

Enter a keyword, and it will bring up a list of associated terms. What you want to look for is an extensive list where the count doesn't fall off too quickly. By this I mean the first couple of words have a good count, and then the count drops dramatically. Try to find terms that have a fairly long list below them of terms that stay within better numbers.

Copy the keyword list to a notebook file, or better yet, if you have a spreadsheet they are easier to manage. Most pc's have a spreadsheet. Usually Microsoft works has one in their tools even if you don't have excel. Take the term from this list and build even more lists of keywords.

The reason keyword research is so important online is two-fold. It helps you determine if there is market demand and aids you in finding the right combinations of keywords to center your business around, and draw traffic.

Entering keywords into search is  how people find your website. In the offline world people find what they want by using the phone directory, asking their neighbor, responding to ads that come in their mailbox, or seeing a business in the course of their normal travels.

Online you get traffic through search engines, other websites, and paid advertising such as pay per click. Free is always better than paid.

Moving to more fully featured keyword tools

These are both good starter keyword tools.  At some point in time you will want to invest in more fully functioned keyword tools which give you the ability to do more in depth searches for many more related keywords with less competition, see which keywords are making your competitors money, allow you to see highly profitable adsense keywords, and see how competitive the market is both in terms of organic search as well as, PPC listings.

A keyword tool like Keyword Elite 2 can run from your desktop and gather all this information and so much more, very conveniently. This can be a real time saver which translates to the ability to more effectively use your time and spend it promoting your website and bringing in sales.

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