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Link Management With Link Machine

Link Machine Basic Free Version

Link Machine is a very good program for managing your links. Link Machine offers four versions of link management fr


om the free basic version to Link Machine Premium SEO.

The basic free version of Link Machine will generate customized link pages, check to see that your link partners are sill linking back, send custom email to possible link partners, updates changes to link pages immediately, and it is easy to install.

Link Machine Premium

The Link Machine Premium version will find potential link partners, spider partner sites for missing links, search websites for contact email addresses, and exchange links instantly with other users, in addition to the basic features.

Link Machine SEO

Added features to Link Machine SEO are researching incoming links, graphing progress in search ranks , and producing a guide to higher rankings.

Link Machine Premium SEO

The Premium Seo version has all the features. Each version has a base price except the basic free version. Link Machine can be used on three sites and after that there is a $10 fee or less for additional sites.

You can try Link Machine for free and upgrade later if you are pleased with the program. One thing I particularly like about Link Machine is that you can read all the documentation and how-tos before you purchase. They also feature a demo so you can try it out and go through the processes for free before you buy.

Link Machine is a very user friendly program. 

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