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Self Publishing

Self Publishing is where you create or write an ebook or report yourself. The cost is mostly time, since they are usually delivered electronically there are no printing or shipping costs.  As with all products you would first need to do research to see if there is enough demand to make it profitable. Self publishing ebooks and reports can be a very profitable home based business.

Self publishing can be profitable with any in-demand topic

Self publishing used to be the sole province of internet marketing and covered topics related to marketing, Search engine optimization, and many other marketing related subjects.  This is no longer the case.  Any topic that has enough interest can be very profitable, especially considering that you would own the product and that self publishing costs would be very minimal.  

When I say any topic, I mean it could be about fishing, golfing, crafts, pets, health, fitness, or any topic you could write about as long as there is an adequate interest and a market. Self publishing how-to books is very popular.  I hate to repeat myself, but here again is where keyword research is very important, and that will be covered in the next few pages. 

You write and self publish an ebook, or maybe first time out just publish a report.  Reports are just smaller versions and they are self published and sold very successfully every day on the internet.

Another self-publishing idea is get someone else to write an ebook for you and just do the editing and put it into a report or ebook.  There are different ways to get this information done for you, and it will involve some cost, but not a lot.

Private label rights (PLR) is one source of content for self publishing..  Be sure to read the guidelines. Some member sites allow you to use their content only as long as you maintain a membership. Others just sell content outright, and allow you to edit it as you wish. Make sure you know the rules, so you don't get in a copyright dispute.

Self publishing content can be obtained by hiring a ghostwriter.  This is an option if you are not comfortable writing, or would just rather not do it yourself.  It depends if you are comfortable with the cost involved.  There are services available that are not too expensive. Elance is one, and forums can also be a source for finding someone to write for you.

When using PLR for anything you should edit it, preferably rewrite it, and add some tidbits here and there that you learn from research of the topic yourself will raise it's value to the reader and the search engines.

Self publishing as a viral marketing tool

Self-publishing can also be used as a viral marketing tool. Many webmasters use ebooks and reports for viral marketing.

Self publishing ebooks and reports as viral marketing tools may not bring results or income as quickly as just self publishing and offering them for sale, but the long term benefits can be very profitable.  Often the long term benefits of viral marketing will be much greater than that of self publishing and selling.

You could publish a report and offer it as an incentive to sign up for a newsletter.  This could be offered both on your website and also through pay per click advertising.  With pay per click you could offer your free report.  Inside the free report you would want a link on each page to your newsletter subscription.  Offering an original self published report that is not available elsewhere can be very beneficial as a viral tool.

Ebooks and reports can be offered free or free to circulate to others.  This can be done in many ways.  An ebook could offer good information and include affiliate links.  The affiliate links could occur in the normal flow of the copy, or they could be listed on a resource page.  If you publish a newsletter, you should always include a link on every page.  This should be done whether you self publish an ebook and offer it free as a viral tool or whether you are selling your ebook.

Self publishing and viral marketing is a vast subject.  I actually did not consciously realize this until I began writing this.  Sometimes getting something right in front of you can be very enlightening. The art of self publishing can be tweaked and used in many ways. Like with all marketing methods it is trial and error, until you find out what works best and constantly improving through experience.

If self publishing ebooks or reports for sale is your main preference, that does not rule out elements of viral marketing.  If the ebook or report is for sale it should still include a link to your website and one on each page to your newsletter.  If your product was popular enough that you signed up affiliates, think of the exposure.  think about it this way, if you buy a pair of levis what is on the back pocket?  Just another form of viral marketing.

Also, if you self publish and offer an ebook or report for free, you should always make it clear that your links not be removed.

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