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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a way for users of the internet to file, categorize and share their favorite websites. It's a step above storing websites in your favorites on your desktop and it's inter-active.

Since the bookmarks are stored on the internet they are accessible to both search engines, and other users. Social bookmarking can be very useful to users because they can find resources in their field of interest grouped together. These resources are chosen by users rather than search engines, based on how valuable the user finds a resource to be. Social bookmarking is a user driven resource.

List of popular social bookmarking sites:

 del.icio.us Stumbleupon.com   Propeller.com Feedmarker.com 
Digg.com  Twitter.com   Reddit.com* SpotBack.com 
Facebook.com  Slashdot.org*  Fark.com Folkd.com*  
Furl.net  YouTube.com  BlinkList.com  LinkaGoGo.com* 
Squidoo.com  Clipmarks.com*   A1-Webmarks.com Technorati.com* 

There are many social bookmarking sites. This is just a sampling and you will like some better than others. Those with an asterisk are do follow. Just enter a search and you will come across a vast number of them. Digg, squidoo and technorati are three sites to definitely take note of.

What social bookmarking can offer an online marketer:

The simple answer to that is, a lot. First of all, it is free so it is a great resource for new marketers online who have a limited budget, not to mention established marketers who have a keen eye to keeping the marketing budget inline.

Exposure. Social bookmarking can give you a lot of exposure if you post material of interest to others. Social bookmarking will expose you to people who have a comfort level online, are savvy enough to make online purchases and have discretionary income.

Bookmarks can be designated private or public. As an online marketer, you want to go public and make your bookmarks available to other users and to the search engines.

Bookmarks are made using 'tags' or keywords. A marketer is wise to consider the tags used. These will not only create interest among other users, but they will be picked up by the search engines.

The search engines love to crawl these sites because they are a constant source of new material. Your presence on social bookmarking sites as a marketer is a bonanza of free publicity and exposure to the search engines.

Social bookmarking is especially valuable to a marketer because it exposes you to people who have an interest in what you have to offer. That spells targeted traffic. Many of these folks are people you would not otherwise reach.

Visit social bookmarking sites-each is somewhat different

Go online and get a list of these sites. Visit each one and see how they work. Don't get overwhelmed. They each look and work a little differently, but they are not difficult. This is a huge subject and there is not enough room here to give it justice. To really understand this marketing method and how to best use it, this social bookmarking ebook is the best I have found that breaks it down and makes it fully understandable.

Social bookmarking is just too powerful a tool for an online marketer to ignore. Using social bookmarking and article marketing are the best two online marketing tools in the current internet environment, and used together they can really create effective results for little or no money.

Organizing social bookmarking

When you begin signing up, I recommend you keep a list of usernames and passwords so you don't forget or get confused. A spreadsheet is the easiest way to keep track of them. This way you can keep track of your username, password, the email address you use, the tags, and when you post, plus any other information you feel will be useful. If you don't have excel, there is a spreadsheet in microsoft works. 

Spreadsheets are an invaluable tool to an internet marketer, to keep things organized and easily readable, and this will be very useful in keeping track of your social bookmarking.

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