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Starting a Business

The key to starting a business is getting started.  I know the last statement sounds simplistic, but there is more to it than would appear. If starting and building an income-producing business is what you really want you have to take action.

It's easy to put off starting a business and allow yourself to get sidetracked.  You could spend months jumping from web site to web site, trying this plan or that.  Or just reading endlessly without doing anything.   You need a marketing plan that you can follow step by step for starting a business online.  It is very important to stick with that one marketing plan and not get sidetracked until you get your project finished.

Too many would-be online marketers never have any success starting a profitable home based business because they do not have the patience to stay with one marketing plan and work it long enough to become successful.  There is too much hype on the internet about getting rich quick and becoming an overnight success.  Find a plan and follow a course of action, whether it is this one or that of someone else.  Stay with that one course of action and give it a minimum of six months of good diligent, productive action on your part.  Search engines are taking longer to get sites indexed, so you have to allow time for your site to get noticed, and you need to do all you can to promote your internet business.

Whether starting a business offline or online, you need a plan, and you need to find a market first with high enough demand and low enough competition to create profitable home based internet businesses. Build your website with both your visitor and the search engines in mind right from the start.  That is the basis.  Once you have your website up and running, then you do all you can to promote it.  But be patient and give it time.


Web 2.0 and social sites on the internet are gaining in popularity rapidly. These are sites such as Facebook, Myspace and Squidoo. For new marketers this is a great advantage.

As a new marketer, you can begin building your online business at no cost by using these sites. Blogs also factor into web 2.0 and are free, but do require the minimal expense of hosting and a domain name.

The information in Starting a Business, still applies. A web page is a web page whether it is on your own domain, or it is on Squidoo, so you need to follow the basics of keyword research, selecting a product that already has a market etc.

This may be a good place to start. If I was starting fresh today, I would start with a broad niche. For instance 'fishing'. Then I would break that down into sub-niches such as 'bass fishing'  'trout fishing' 'fly fishing' 'fishing tackle"--and even try to go deeper, looking for something specific within that sub-topic to aim for. Then I would go to Squidoo and build a page on each of these topics, and find products to promote as an affiliate. If in time this worked out to be a successful subject I would then invest in a domain name and build a website or individual websites on each of these topics.

This way, you start with no investment but time, test your market, and if it proves to be good then you can get serious and build your own domain or several domains. By this time you will have your lenses established and they can send links to your new domains.

I do subscribe to eventually having your own domain. There are options that are only open to you and under your control if you have your own domain.

When you are ready go to Squidoo and sign up for a free account and get started.


Use a spreadsheet or notepad to track your online efforts

Develop some way to track your day by day efforts online. Keep track of what you do and how much time you spend doing these tasks. Once a week go through this task list and evaluate your efforts and see how you are doing. This can be a very helpful way to monitor yourself and make sure that you are really being productive as opposed to just dithering time away online with no course of action.

If you are reading this, you probably have most of the basics you need to get started online, namely a computer and a connection to the internet. Don't get caught up thinking you need a lot of tools and software, just dig in, figure out what you want to do online to build a business and only buy the bare minimum of tools and services. You can build on this as you grow. Do the groundwork first.

So you've decided you have what it takes, and you're ready. Begin by going to Search engines and work through the steps in starting a  moneymaking business on the internet.

Profitable Home Based Internet businesses |  Search Engines

Research what To Market Online 


  • Search Engines
    Know something about search engines before you begin building your website. This is a strategic part of internet marketing. Help the search engines know what your website is about.
  • Search Engine Placement
    Achieving top search engine placement, begins with optimizing your pages.Use your keywords but don't overstuff or you could be penalized.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tools
    Using Keyword Suggestion Tools is one of the most important elements in building a web based business. Keywords help you to determine what is a marketable product and how you will promote it.
  • Web Site Design
    Web site design should include easy navigation, eye appeal, easily read font size, color harmony and good content.
  • Website Builders or WYSIWYG
    Website builders work with html or WYSIWYG versions. Some website builders will do both. Some are free. Paid versions usually are more user friendly and feature packed.
  • Domain Name and Web hosting
    Domain Names and Web Hosting are two priorities that need major consideration, since your domain name is your identity and your web hosting is your business's availability.
  • Ftp
    An FTP program is simply a program for uploading your website files to the internet. FTP is not as difficult as it sounds.
  • XsitePro
    XsitePro is a easy web builder for those just getting started, and is very popular with veterans to internet marketing as well because of the ease and speed with which a website can be built.


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