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Website Builders or WYSIWYG

You will need a website builder or WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) to make your webpages. You don't have to know HTML, but in time, I would recommend you learn at least some of the basics of HTML You will be glad you did, and it isn't as hard as it looks  A good free HTML tutorial is  w3 schools . While knowing some html is very good, website builders are a fast and painless way to build websites. .

You can get a free WYSIWYG website builder  from NVU. I have had some experience with this WYSIWYG recently and for a free website builder it has a good range of features and is fairly easy to use. It is a WYSIWYG and works like a word processor. You can also use html, if you like. This easy to use website builder can be downloaded for either a PC or a Mac. Once it is downloaded it has a manual located in the help menu.  It also has a forum. Build a three page site if only for practice. Three pages will allow you to do some linking and get some practice with placement and organization and using the different website builder features.

Website Builders (WYSIWYG) Online Paid Versions

When you decide that you want a more fully featured website builder, then you need to shop carefully and compare features.  If you are only planning to build one website, then that could affect your decision to some degree.  Some online WYSIWYG website builders have more than one plan and the price varies depending on the features you will need.   Compare the plans carefully.

There are online site builders, but I don't recommed them anymore. I have found the best full-featured site builder to be XsitePro. You own it, and run it from your desktop.

Website Builder (WYSIWYG) One Time Investment For Building Unlimited Websites


I look at marketing on the web like investing in stock.  A wise investor puts money in a variety of stocks because the market fluctuates and things change.  If you can build one website, you can build another one or two or more.  That is what I have done, since I don't like putting all my eggs in one basket. I have used Composer, NVU and the online website builders, and now that I am launching more sites I have my own  website builder, XsitePro.

XsitePro is a fully featured WYSIWYG  website builder, but you can also use it with HTML.  It has many organizational features, creates site maps for you, redirect pages, and popups.  XsitePro adds  Google adsense and Amazon very easily from a menu and allows you to customize color features, the size ad, and the layout. Scripts can be stored and added with a couple of clicks. Pages can be imported, and a links page created.  Design wizards allow you to easily add boxes and frames, highlighted text and bulleted lists . The navigation menu and sitemaps update automatically as you continue to create pages, or make changes in your websites with XsitePro.

With the XsitePro website builder you can add links to other pages with just a click or add page breaks in pages that are just too large. The organizational feature that keeps track of your affiliate information is very useful and will save you a lot of time. The SEO feature is also very helpful and will make optimizing your pages for the search engines easy. The SEO feature in XsitePro keeps track of your keyword count and density and other information for optimizing your pages, and has a list of reminders that point you to what still needs to be done.

This site builder keeps with the times, making additions as the internet changes. Audio and video can be added easily along with RSS feeds. It also has the ability to release content you have loaded on a schedule that you determine to keep your site fresh on an ongoing basis.

XsitePro is the second of the website builders that I have purchased, and I wish it had been the first.  It comes with a tutorial, a downloadable manual that is very good, and has it's own active and helpful forum. A recent addition that is very helpful, is video tutorials.  This is a very good website builder and I'm sure there is not a better or easier one to be had. It also boasts a 365 day guarantee.

XsitePro has recently come out with access to 11 videos for non registered users. See the potential of this website builder by seeing in action just how easily you can build your website and view XsitePro's many features in action Gain access to the video demonstration.

Or, if you want to know more about why I think this is a valuable tool see more of what I have to say about using XsitePro

Final Notes

So, again I will say, if you are new to this, start with NVU and get some practice.  Then if you feel you want another more fully featured WYSIWYG website builder, compare the site builders that are advertised and I'm sure you'll see that XsitePro has them all beat when you compare the features and how easy they are to implement.

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